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Meet Our Doctor:

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Dr. Jeffrey J. Kim

Dr. Kim attended the University of Maryland Dental School and completed his Orthodontic Specialty training at Columbia University in New York. He gained over 20 years of clinical orthodontic excellence following his three-year career as an Assistant Clinical Professor in Restorative Dentistry at Columbia University.

Dr. Kim focuses on maximizing the benefits of growth and development of children in two-stage early treatment and of an intervention program that includes identifying and changing bad habits, such as thumb sucking and tongue thrusting that can cause misaligned teeth. This intervention will thereby reduce the need for braces.

He also specializes in Accelerated Orthodontics with Invisalign for Adults & Teens, reducing the length of treatment.

To stay abreast of the latest advancements in the orthodontic field, Dr. Kim maintains memberships in many prestigious professional organizations. He is currently a member of the American Association of Orthodontists.

Equipped with cutting-edge orthodontic technology, Dr. Kim strives to provide a relaxed atmosphere and fun environment for patients and visitors to White Plains Orthodontics, the top orthodontic office in White Plains, NY.

Meet Our Team:

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We are especially interested in making all our patients feel right at home! Apart from the high quality, comprehensive care, patients to our orthodontic office benefit from a welcoming, patient-focused environment where the entire family will feel at home.

Our staff is trained and skilled; each member of our team has years of experience in treating patients with the highest level of care. Our well trained, diverse team provides value-added service, which emphasizes special care, consideration, and attention to individuality for each patient that envisions a beautiful lifetime smile.

Our dedication provides a life changing experience and improved self-esteem, beyond the orthodontic transformation.

Our Philosophy:

Quality Services

When it comes to your orthodontic care, we work at the highest standard of quality. Dr. Kim and his team are committed to ensuring that each service is delivered with accuracy and detail. They are highly skilled professionals who bring years of knowledge and experience to the table. They aim for excellence and never compromise on their work for you.


Everyone wants a beautiful, straight smile, and we understand that sometimes finances can be a concern. That's why we work hard to make sure that your orthodontic care is affordable. We have reasonable fees and payment options plus we accept most major insurances. We make a sincere effort to work with you on payment options so you can receive the best care possible without exceeding your budget.

Friendly Environment

We make it easy for both parents and children to visit us by creating a family-friendly environment here at our orthodontic office in White Plains. When you walk through our doors, you'll be greeted by our happy team members who will assist you with checking in and any other needs you might have. We strive to help you feel comfortable and make sure things run smoothly throughout your visit.

On-Time Appointments

Your time is valuable — we understand! We are committed to maintaining on-time appointments so you don't have to spend longer than necessary in our office. While timely and efficient, we never compromise on quality. You will receive prompt yet thorough care.

Comprehensive Treatments

We offer a number of orthodontic services for our patients so you can receive the most comprehensive treatment possible. We look at the big picture and seek treatment solutions with our patients' oral and lasting health in mind. If you're looking for complete and high-quality care, White Plains Orthodontics is the place for you.

Customer Service

We are here to serve you! We take customer service to the next level by focusing on the needs of our patients throughout their entire visit. From your initial interaction with us to the end of your treatment period, you will be treated with kindness, compassion and respect. We value you as a patient and look forward to creating an all-around exceptional experience for you and your family.

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